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One Healthy Boston is a community resource created for you by South Shore Health and WCVB Channel 5.

Featuring medical experts from South Shore Health, One Healthy Boston provides content that gives a deeper understanding of nutrition, wellness, innovations, fitness, and other health subjects that matter to you. One Healthy Boston makes it easy for you to access credible information and the medical experts that will help you take charge of your health and empower you to stay healthy and fit for years to come.

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Behavioral Health

Overall health is only achieved by treating the mind as well as the body. By understanding behavioral health and resources available, you can be better equipped to help someone who is struggling with mental illness or substance use.

The Future of Behavioral Health

By Antony Sheehan

Learn how access and integration are changing the way we approach the prevention and treatment of mental illness and substance use disorder.

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Quiz: Alcohol Use Disorder Signs and Treatment

By Kristen Esson, LPN

Is it casual drinking or cause for concern? Learn more about Alcohol Use Disorder and take our 10-question quiz to determine your risk.

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How to Talk to a Loved One About Substance Use

By Sharon Stemm, MSN, RN

Talking to a loved one about their substance use is never easy. Learn how to encourage them to get help without hindering their recovery.

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Approximately 10.2 million adults in the U.S. have co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders.

Source: National Alliance on Mental Health