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One Healthy Boston is a community resource created for you by South Shore Health and WCVB Channel 5.

As developments continue to unfold regarding national COVID-19 relief and suppression efforts, South Shore Health is dedicating its focus on treating coronavirus patients while working closely with state and federal health officials in order to champion evolving preventative measures and to adhere to local quarantine protocols.

Whether you’re a clinician or a patient, we remain committed to protecting our communities and to providing you with the latest information on COVID-19.

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Cancer screenings improve outcomes for patients & allow physicians to optimize intervention and treatment plans.

Facebook Live: COVID-19 UPDATE

By Todd B. Ellerin, MD

Todd B. Ellerin, MD, Director of Infectious Disease at South Shore Health provides some answers to your questions about COVID-19

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Saving Lives with Cancer Screenings

By Jennifer Croes

In addition to attending their routine preventative screenings, it’s important for patients to understand their options for cancer screening.

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Breast Cancer: Why Your Family History Matters

By Dana C. Dowd, CNP

Routine screenings are an invaluable tool for the early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer.

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Hereditary Colon Cancer: Understanding Your Risks

By Gillian S. Serino

For men with a family history of colon cancer, the importance of preventative screenings cannot be overstated.

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