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Facebook Live: COVID-19: Testing and Patient Safety

By South Shore Health

As health workers across the nation continue their efforts in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic, proper testing is essential for slowing the spread of the virus, ...

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What is Orthopedic Care?

By Michael W. Geary, MD

When our muscles, bones, or joints are injured, the pain and loss of function that results can be debilitating.

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Fighting Inflammation with Food

By Kylee C. Eagles, DO

Inflammation is the body’s response to injury, but there is another common inflammation trigger that is often overlooked.

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Preventing Pediatric Sports Injuries

By Katherine M. Merra, MD

Injuries to a child’s musculoskeletal system can have long-term implications for their health, even as they mature into adulthood.

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Emergency Care is Essential Care

By Jason A. Tracy, MD

Emergency care is essential care. No matter the circumstances.

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The Future of Emergency Medicine

By William W. Tollefsen, MD

When the unexpected happens, having rapid access to high-quality, personalized, and comprehensive medical care is a must.

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Emergency Obstetrics at South Shore Health

By Kimberly O. Dever, MD

No matter the circumstances, ensuring a positive birthing experience for mothers, families, and babies is always our goal.

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Facebook Live: COVID-19: Continued Safety and Prevention

By Todd B. Ellerin, MD

Health care providers remain focused on the safety and prevention measures that will continue to protect patients, communities, and the workers who are still on ...

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South Shore Hospital Earns an “A” for Patient Safety From The Leapfrog Group

By South Shore Health

South Shore Hospital, part of South Shore Health, has earned an “A” safety grade rating from The Leapfrog Group, a designation that ranks the hospital ...

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