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Emergency Obstetrics at South Shore Health

When working with maternity patients, we usually speak to the many benefits of having a birth plan. But, what happens when your labor or delivery experiences aren’t going as planned?

No matter the circumstances, ensuring a positive birthing experience for mothers, families, and babies is always our goal. South Shore Health’s Emergency Obstetrics program is designed to prioritize patient comfort and safety during every phase of labor and delivery, even if unexpected complications arise.

Complicated Birth Scenarios

More often than not, the labor and delivery process is rather straightforward, but sometimes there are unexpected complications that require immediate attention.

Some of those complications may include:

  • Premature delivery
  • Rapid labor
  • Failure to progress or prolonged labor
  • Fetal distress or irregular fetal heartbeat
  • Perinatal asphyxia or breathing complications before, during, and immediately after delivery
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Malposition

A majority of women will not encounter these issues throughout their labor and delivery. But in the event of an emergency, having immediate access to the appropriate care measures is crucial to the prevention or resolution of a complicated birth scenario.

Expert Care and Compassion

The physicians, nurses, midwives and other caregivers in our emergency obstetrics and childbirth programs are here to help patients and families navigate their labor and delivery journeys no matter the circumstances. Our Maternal-Fetal Medicine Program provides expectant mothers with specialized care and attention for high-risk pregnancies, including access to the latest preventative screening technologies and comprehensive prenatal consulting services. The experts in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) are also equipped to respond to a number of complicated birth scenarios and are available 24/7 for newborns and their families.

Our care providers are passionate about delivering a safe, dignified, and positive birth experience for all mothers. All labor and delivery discussions are centered around mom, and rely on expert input and support from her dedicated birthing team, her physician, and South Shore Health’s extensive network of maternity care specialists. Compassion, comfort, and safety are prioritized for all maternity patients, ensuring a positive birthing experience even if the unexpected happens.

Visit the South Shore Health website to learn more about our maternity programs and emergency care services or to see how South Shore Health is prioritizing safety for expectant mothers, families, and newborns at all of our care facilities.

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