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Emergency Health

The Future of Emergency Medicine

When the unexpected happens, having rapid access to high-quality, personalized, and comprehensive medical care is a must. But for many, accessing care isn’t as easy as going to a hospital.

For patients with severe chronic or co-morbid conditions, immunity complications, or limited mobility, accessing emergency care services can present a variety of challenges. Ultimately, these obstacles can prevent people from getting the medical attention they deserve. South Shore Health is broadening the scope of our services so that all patients can receive quality emergency care when and where they need it.

Mobile Integrated Health

Regardless of their location or condition, no one should go without proper medical care. At South Shore Health, we believe that each patient deserves equitable access to the care options offered in our comprehensive health system. So, if a patient can’t come to us, we have decided to bring our full range of emergency medicine, trauma response, and personalized health services directly to them.

Our mobile integrated health (MIH) program is changing the landscape of patient care capabilities by leveraging the South Shore Health system’s primary care, cardiovascular care, wound care, behavioral health, and emergent care services in an entirely mobile format. The MIH program allows us to expand our physical care network while providing a safety net for homebound patients, or those with chronic health and immune disorders. South Shore Health is the first hospital-based organization to introduce this mobile healthcare technology to the communities we serve.

A Hospital on Wheels

Unlike South Shore Heath’s variety of long-term home care solutions, the MIH program is designed to deliver emergency response services and critical care offerings to individuals in their homes or in other community settings.

The MIH program is comprised of paramedics and other EMS responders who have undergone over 300 hours of specialized training. MIH responders work closely with physicians, nurses, and other members of each patient’s extended care network. Telehealth technology is used in the field in order to prioritize real-time communication between patients, MIH responders, and South Shore Health’s extensive network of physicians, specialists, and other care providers.

This proactive approach to healthcare will undoubtedly shape the future of emergency services and integrated healthcare. The MIH program offers patients high-value, hospital-equivalent care in low-cost settings, ensuring that access and quality are no longer concerns for patients who are better suited to be treated at home.

Visit the South Shore Health website to learn more about our mobile integrated health program or to see how South Shore Health is prioritizing patient safety in all of our care facilities.

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