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Introducing One Healthy Boston

We Are One Healthy Boston

It’s great to be able to announce that South Shore Health and WCVB Channel 5 are partnering together to bring you One Healthy Boston. The goal of which is to help you be in control of your health. One Healthy Boston is a community resource that brings the focus back to the roots of good health with a wide range of monthly topics and medical experts that people will be able to reach out to. With so many changes taking place in healthcare, many people have lost what it truly means to live a healthy lifestyle. As a practicing physician, I have witnessed this industry transform from wellbeing into prescriptions for everything.

From preventive care to managing chronic disease, many people have forgotten how much of their health is in their day-to-day control. As trusted resources, South Shore Health and WCVB Channel 5 are committed to empowering the residents of Greater Boston with a deeper understanding of wellness, health, and fitness so they can take their health into their own hands. It’s truly amazing that with a few lifestyle changes and the right knowledge, it suddenly becomes possible to live a longer, happier, healthier life.

With educational information coming straight from the experts at South Shore Health, our goal is to get people to think about health, not just illness. And as Boston’s leading news station, WCVB Channel 5 is a natural fit to deliver content to the entire Boston market. Together, we want people to think about the resources already on hand within the community, and not just within a prescription bottle. We want people to realize that they have control over the way they feel, not concede to being a victim. Because One Healthy Boston isn’t just a place for those who are already sick, it’s a place for everyone. This is about eating right, exercising, living well, and being the best person possible. This is about making our community stronger as a whole. This is One Healthy Boston.

Empower yourself, and learn what One Healthy Boston can do for you.

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