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Midwifery Care: Your Questions Answered

Whether they are caring for expectant mothers, assisting women with normal birth or offering expert guidance to new moms and their families, nurse midwives provide dedicated support to everyone involved in a woman’s pregnancy, labor, and delivery experience.

There are several questions you will want answered before you begin exploring your options for midwifery care, in order to determine whether or not midwife support is right for you.

What is a Midwife?

Nurse midwives are certified medical professionals. They work with women during pregnancy and offer support throughout labor and delivery and deliver babies. Nurse midwives offer more one-on-on time during office visits and advocate for the highest level of personalized care available. Their goal is to maximize patient comfort while promoting natural, positive birth experiences.

Do Midwives Have Specific Training?

Yes. In order to become a nurse midwife, a degree in nursing and a master’s degree are both required. Nurse midwives carry extensive medical knowledge in addition to years of experience in providing care for women in all stages of pregnancy. Nurse midwives have attained national certification and are also licensed by state.

Would My Midwife Work with My Doctor?

A nurse midwife plays a supportive role in a woman’s pregnancy, labor, and delivery experiences. As such, nurse midwives prioritize transparency and communication between themselves and all other members of a pregnant woman’s care team, including her OB/GYN, nurse practitioners, specialists, and her primary care provider. Nurse-midwives independently manage normal pregnancies and birth for women who choose midwifery care.

How Do Midwives Help Pregnant Women?

In addition to the dedicated personal and emotional support offered to patients, nurse midwives provide an array of medical and clinical care as well, making them an invaluable member of a woman’s birth team. Nurse midwives can help with everything from checkups and ultrasounds to the physical delivery, all the while creating a supportive environment centered around mom and baby. Nurse midwives are also available to answer patient questions, give advice on breastfeeding and caring for newborns, and offer guidance for new families. They help their patients navigate a host of parenting, childbirth, and postpartum care resources, ensuring that their ongoing support lasts well after the baby arrives.

Where Can I Find a Midwife?

Patients can connect with a nurse midwife via a referral from their primary care provider or OB/GYN. At South Shore Health, our board-certified nurse midwives offer dedicated support, expert guidance, and personalized care to our maternity patients. When it is time to give birth, your nurse midwife will be there to help you through every aspect of the experience, from pain management, assisting as you give birth to postpartum care for you and your baby.

We collaborate with expert OB/GYN and maternity physicians, fetal medicine experts, and have quick access to our neonatal unit – the only Level III NICU in Massachusetts – as well as our Obstetrics Emergency Department. This comprehensive onsite network allows us to respond immediately and efficiently to our patient’s individual care needs no matter the scenario. Delivering excellent, safe, and positive birthing experiences is our number one priority.

Visit the South Shore Health website to find a certified nurse midwife, explore our midwifery care offerings, or to find additional pregnancy and childbirth support resources.

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