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What is an OB ED?

Although every pregnancy is unique, a majority of labor and delivery scenarios are carried out without complication. However, in the event of an emergency, having immediate access to specialized care is crucial for both mothers and their babies.

South Shore Health’s Obstetric Emergency Department (OB ED) connects expectant mothers with direct access to emergency physicians, obstetricians, gynecologists, nurses, and midwives who specialize in caring for pregnant women and newborns. Our expert labor and delivery teams are equipped to provide expert care, even when the unexpected happens.

OB ED vs. ER

Even if your birth plan is extremely detailed, sometimes emergency situations just can’t be planned for. No two pregnancies are identical, but there are a variety of common pregnancy concerns that may require emergency intervention. Should an emergency occur when a woman’s primary OB/GYN or your midwife isn’t available, it is still imperative for her to have quick access to expert care.

While women can (and should) absolutely go to a standard emergency room with any urgent maternity concerns, the physicians and nurses there are rarely trained to care for pregnant women or newborns specifically. The OB ED is a dedicated space that is specifically-equipped to handle obstetric and neonatal emergencies.

Our advanced capabilities in the OB ED typically allow us to assess, treat, and discharge maternity patients much more quickly than we’d be able to in a traditional emergency or triage setting. A dedicated specialist in high-risk pregnancies oversees every patient’s care journey in order to evaluate and identify optimal courses of treatment and to improve patient safety.

Ensuring Positive Outcomes

The OB ED operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Every member of the OB ED care team specializes in the care and treatment of pregnant women, ensuring that every patient receives undivided and highly-focused attention from the moment they arrive. All treatment decisions are centered around the mother, and are supported by her entire OB ED care team.

No matter the circumstances, cultivating positive birthing experiences is always our goal. We prioritize patient comfort and safety in all labor and delivery scenarios to ensure positive outcomes for everyone involved.

Visit the South Shore Health website to learn more about our Obstetrics Emergency Department or to explore additional care and support resources for expectant mothers.

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