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Todd B. Ellerin, MD

Head of Infectious Disease

South Shore Hospital

Todd Ellerin, MD is the head of Infectious Disease at South Shore Hospital in Weymouth, Mass.



Tufts University School of Medicine



Johns Hopkins Hospital



Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital

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Facebook Live: COVID-19 UPDATE

Todd B. Ellerin, MD, Director of Infectious Disease at South Shore Health provides some answers to your questions about COVID-19

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Health care providers remain focused on the safety and prevention measures that will continue to protect patients, communities, and the workers who are still on the front lines.

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In February, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) held a telebriefing update on COVID-19, the novel coronavirus that was first seen late last year in Wuhan, China, and has since spread ...


Facebook Live: Coronavirus: What You Need to Know

Todd Ellerin, MD, Director of Infectious Disease at South Shore Hospital talks about prevention efforts in the Boston community and shares some tips for limiting our exposure to the virus.

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Fighting Back During Flu Season

Fighting the virus involves being proactive about prevention, adopting consistent hygiene habits, and doing all we can to limit the spread of the virus.

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