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The Flu

Facebook Live: Fighting Back During Flu Season

By Phyllis M. Tedeschi

It’s that time of year again. Someone starts sniffling at home or in the office and before you know it, flu season is in full ...

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Fighting Back During Flu Season

By Todd B. Ellerin, MD

Fighting the virus involves being proactive about prevention, adopting consistent hygiene habits, and doing all we can to limit the spread of the virus.

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Severe Flu Symptoms: When to Seek Emergency Care

By Toni Eng, MD

Many of us are all-too-familiar with the aches, fevers and irritating cold-like symptoms that come with the flu, but when do these “typical” side effects ...

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Do You Really Have to Get a Flu Shot?

By Cindy DeLuca, MSN, RN, CIC

The flu shot is without a doubt the most effective preventative measure for the flu.

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