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Urgent Care

Urgent Care at Health Express

Where do you go when an injury or illness is serious, but not life-threatening? What happens when you need to see a doctor right away, but don’t feel the need to go to the closest emergency room? Even when your health concern isn’t an emergency, you still deserve immediate access to expert care. Fortunately, the emergency room isn’t your only option.

When Should You Seek Urgent Care?

Urgent care is an efficient and cost-effective option for patients suffering from illnesses or injuries that are not life-threatening. Urgent care physicians are equipped to help with common injuries like lacerations, muscle sprains, and even broken bones. Urgent care centers can also provide medical care for a variety of illnesses, ranging from fevers and sore throats to stomach bugs, sinus infections, and the flu.

Urgent care is an incredibly helpful option for those who require the immediate attention of an expert physician but are unable to see their primary care doctor in a timely fashion. Typically, those who choose urgent care receive the same level of expert attention they’d find in an emergency room but faster – and at a significantly lower out-of-pocket cost.

Of course, there are some circumstances where uncertainty may be a factor. While many conditions don’t qualify as emergencies, it is crucial to remember that if you are ever unsure about whether or not your illness or injury is life-threatening, it is always safer to seek emergency care as quickly as possible.

Urgent Care at Health Express

The board-certified physicians at Health Express, which is part of South Shore Health, offer patients competitive and affordable medicinal, preventative, and emergent care options for a variety of conditions. Our urgent care centers are equipped to treat all patients ages six months and up. We work closely with the primary care physicians in our expansive healthcare network so that patients are offered a continuum of expert-informed care.

Visit the South Shore Health website to learn more about the urgent care offerings at our seven Health Express locations across the South Shore.


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