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Weight Management

Recovering After Weight Loss Surgery

Struggling with weight management can take both a physical and an emotional toll on the body. While considering weight loss surgery, some patients may properly prepare for the physical changes they will endure while overlooking the impact the procedure will have on their mental health. Speaking with a psychologist about weight loss surgery can help patients navigate their emotional post-op recovery.

Emotional Recovery

Even after patients see success with their weight loss, the feelings associated with being overweight and the negative body image that many overweight individuals struggle with can linger. People commonly use food for comfort, or as a way to relieve stress. Although weight loss surgery physically changes the way your body processes food, patients still have to work to change their personal relationship with food in order to ensure a successful recovery. Your psychologist can help you address these behaviors while helping you find healthier options.

As with any surgical procedure, one of the most important aspects to recovery is knowing what to expect. Weight loss surgery is a highly effective option for patients looking to achieve sustainable weight loss. However, it is crucial that patients thoroughly review their options, and discuss potential risks with their primary care provider, surgeons, and post-op care team before making any major decisions. Discussing these options with your psychologist is a great way to address any fears or concerns you may have about the procedure while establishing healthy expectations for your recovery.

Weight loss surgery can be truly life-changing, and a majority of patients who opt for these procedures find tremendous success when it comes to sustainable weight-loss. Preparing for these coming changes and having the ongoing support of your psychologist will make it easier to navigate your recovery and celebrate your successes.

A Dedicated Support Team

When considering your weight loss options, having a dedicated support team can make all the difference in your recovery and long-term success. South Shore Health has a specialized team of weight loss experts, including bariatric surgeons, nurse practitioners, nutrition specialists, dieticians, and psychologists who are available to support patients throughout every stage of their weight loss journey. South Shore Health also has a weight loss app that patients can use to track their progress and find additional support after undergoing surgery.

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